budgeting bud‧get‧ing [ˈbʌdʒtɪŋ] noun [uncountable]
ACCOUNTING FINANCE preparing budgets in order to plan and control the financial management of a person, business, or country:

• The job includes business planning, budgeting and overseeing all of our financial and administrative systems.

ˌzero-based ˈbudgeting ACCOUNTING FINANCE
a system of budgeting in which each department in a company must give the reasons why it needs the money it has asked for, rather than being given a regular amount every year:

• Zero-based budgeting forces each department to reappraise its spending on overseas business travel every year.

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budgeting UK US /ˈbʌdʒɪtɪŋ/ noun [U] FINANCE, ACCOUNTING
the process of calculating how much money you must earn or save during a particular period of time, and of planning how you will spend it: »

It's important to teach kids about budgeting.


budgeting advice

See also ZERO-BASED BUDGETING(Cf. zero-based budgeting)

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